Open your Heart & Donate Smart

Donating just became easy, giving the homeless a better life is just a tap away !

Donate Smart is a non-profit social enterprise.

Today, approximately 170,000 people are experiencing homelessness in London and roughly 280,000 in the UK. The transformation of our world into a cashless society has significantly lowered the amount of donations and those in need are suffering more than ever.

The Issue

Only 50% of people in the UK always carry cash, and out of those carrying cash, 60% only carry notes, which means that they are less likely to donate since the average donation is £2.60. The issue is clear: people experiencing homelessness, relying heavily on cash donations to survive, are now struggling more than ever to receive donations because people do not carry cash anymore. So how can you help homeless people in London to survive despite the cashless society evolution? 

This is where Donate Smart steps in...

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With our world becoming increasingly cashless, people experiencing homelessness in London are struggling to fulfil their basic needs. Donate Smart’s bracelet, equipped with RFID technology, enables those experiencing homelessness to receive cashless donations on the streets. They are then able to spend the collected money for necessities directly at supermarkets or shelters. 

How it works

We have worked hard on the user experience to make the donation process as simple as possible for the user. It’s as simple as a 3 step process.


Tap your phone to the Smartlet


Web application opens


Choose the donation amount

The Smartlet

The Smartlet is Donate Smart’s contactless bracelet. The Smartlet itself contains an RFID and an NFC chip, to receive and make payments. Since these chips will always be the passive part of the transaction, the Smartlet does not require a battery or to be charged. We’re working hard to integrate both wireless technology as well a QR code for convenience. 

The Smartlet is currently in the process of development. We’re working hard to integrate both wireless technology as well a QR code for convenience. 

The beneficiary will receive a minimum of 93% (depending on the donation amount) due to payment provider fees and Donate Smart’s administration fee.

He/She will be able to pay with the Smartlet at shops, shelters and pharmacies.